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How to get a QR code of a shortened URL

QR Code: URL <a href=" style="border: none; display: block;" width="300" />

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Here's how to get a QR code of a shortened URL.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter a long URL
  3. Hit the Enter/Return key or click on "Shorten!"
  4. see the shortened URL, which is pre-selected for immediate copying
  5. Click on "Give me this URL as a QR code"
For example, here is the shortened URL and QR code for

QR code for looks like this:

By The Way (BTW), and I quote...

The ethics of (and why you should support us!)

Our URL shorteners and are not only be fully featured and easy to use, but are also guaranteed to be run in a completely ethical manner. Here are some of the things that we feel make us an ethical service that you can trust, with some further information below: -

  • We pledge to support as a free service indefinitely and to not introduce charges for services we previously offered for free.
  • We pledge never to place 3rd party advertising on the site.
  • doesn't require registration and doesn't collect or track your personal details.
  • We are fully carbon neutral.
  •'s development is driven by its users' interests, not by investors or shareholders.
  • We are hosted and run entirely from the UK and comply fully with its laws.
  • We make an API available free of charge so that other applications can harness
  • We have a clear policy on what we don't allow to be used for. This includes use for spam, phishing, viruses, adware or child pornography.
  • We're one of the most proactive URL shorteners in preventing spam/misuse.
  • In running and staffing the site we will never discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or how much you like cake.
  • We have a "small and friendly" approach to support - your emails will not be answered by a mindless corporate drone, in fact they're most often dealt with personally by's creator.
  • Our other URL shortener,, is the only major one we know of that makes a link preview page the default when visiting shortened URLs, so consider using that instead if the confidence of people who click your links is important to you (we'd have liked to do this for as well but had to drop the feature since it caused issues with some legacy uses of our URLs).

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