Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking for a job? Your Web Presence promotes chances of getting hired

Looking for a job?


  1. Consider this Wall Street Journal article called " Recruiters Change Employee-Hunting Tactics -  
  2. Especially
  • recruiters throwing out their old playbooks. they are going out to hunt for candidates themselves.
  • and
  • hunting for candidates with a particular expertise on places like before they post an opening
  • and the last part:
  • "the company is currently reorganizing its recruiting staff to better handle the tens of thousands of applications it receives in a given month. Instead of using senior recruiters to filter through the company's applicants, lower-level screeners process them first and only hand off the most-qualified. A separate set of recruiters actively searches for more experienced candidates who aren't likely to come in through a job board."

So, it is time to consider promoting yourself (a.k.a. present yourself well), at least in LinkedIn, if not also the web in general. is Social Media Coaching of...
    Business Marketing Strategies,
    Web Content & Web Presence

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