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e-singletasking* ( by Eric "erich13" Herberholz - View Eric Herberholz's profile on LinkedIn Eric Herberholz   

Singletasking is a "terribly useful focus methodology th at’ll help you get stuff done at work. This is of particular significance to those who are drowning in social media... " - Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist & Chief Blogger at LinkedIn (follow Mario at Twitter).  Mario Sundar says "I'm LinkedIn's global social media guy, since 2007. I blog about how professionals and companies can make social media work. Social Media how-to's for marketing, pr, hr teams & execs." - Ref:

  • main
    • Check Calendar
    • Check for priority interrupts
    • Review Tasks
      • Refer to list of GMail Tasks, to determine which task to work on next
      • If something can be quickly done (<2 minutes), don't put it off, do it quickly, and don't get sidetracked 
      • As needed: link emails to Tasks, add/link emails to a GMail Tasks list, select a followup date
    • For 15 minutes, Focus-On-One-Task (Singletasking) - put one FOOT in front of another
    • repeat
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