Sunday, May 10, 2009

Been searching for a ToDo solution? Me too.

For ToDo / Tasks solutions, the keys, to me, are easy accessibility and ease of use. Is it accessible from a browser button, from a browser toolbar, from a gadget/widget, from your mobile devices? Is it easy to use and maintain?

I have not settled on one solution yet, but here are some that I'm checking out:
  • Some email systems have Todo / Tasks built-in. Both Gmail and Outlook have "Tasks" features.
  • Remember The Milk has Tasks, that can be integrated with Gmail.
  • Toodledo "has a number of widgets and gadgets that you can use to integrate your tasks into other websites or services" - Source: Tooldledo Widgets and Gadgets
  • MiniTask "is a FREE, fast and easy-to-use task management application that helps you with organising your daily todos more efficiently"
  • reQall let's you "Use your voice, email, instant messaging, or text messaging. No other memory tool makes it as easy to capture, retrieve, and share ideas and things you need to do—anywhere, anytime." Compare reQall (free) and reQall PRO ($2.99/month or $24.99/year). More about reQall.
What is your favorite and why?

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