Thursday, June 9, 2011

my experience with local business places who use social media strategically

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Good morning!

Just wanted to let you know, this morning, about my experience with local business places who[m] use social media strategically*...

Location-based businesses benefit from owning their social media place review site. There are Facebook Place pages, there are Google Place pages, there are Yelp pages, FourSquare checkin pages, and many more (for a reason).

All of these places can contain content that helps people find you, like you, purchase from you. etc.

Just own it! Go out and strategically* claim your local business place page, at Google, at Facebook, at FourSquare, at Yahoo, and ay

Simply put, you will get more traction, visits, attention, retention, sales, and positive web presence.

Have a good day! =:-)
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